Broadway Music is THE #1 STORE in Canada for Ukuleles!



We carry the largest selection of brands and styles - something for every budget and skill level with ukuleles from many different makers in our store!

Broadway Music has quickly become Ontario's Ukulele Store. Our broad offering of quality ukuleles has had people driving from as far north as Elliot Lake, as far west as London and Windsor and as far east as Ottawa.

We have become the destination of choice for ukulele enthusiasts from across Canada: professional musicians on tour like Manitoba Hal (from Shelburne Nova Scotia) and David Essig (from Vancouver Island) include Broadway Music in their touring plans.

More importantly both owners, Heather Katz and Michael Griffin, are ukulele players with a strong sense of affection for the little jumping flea from Hawaii. With over 35 years of musicianship each they bring their knowledge of makers and materials to bear on every instrument offered for sale.

This reflects in the customer feedback received, noting the keen attention to customer service and the knowledgeable assistance matching players needs to specific instruments.

"Our job is to help you find the instrument that matches the music in your head."

Knowledgeable staff, broadest selection and a positive commitment to customer satisfaction has resulted in Broadway Music becoming the choice for amateur and professional Ukulele musicians alike.

The Brands of Ukuleles We Carry:

kalaOur most popular brand of ukulele. Broadway Music is pleased to offer a wide selection from the over 120 models created by Kala Ukulele. Innovative designs like the Kala U-Bass and the Kala Travel Ukulele have consistently demonstrated Kala's commitment to the ukulele and to being at the forefront in design and manufacture. Our Kala offerings on line are just a small representative of the models available in the store. If you do not see the Kala ukulele you want, give us a call and we will hook you up.
ohanaelieve in the basic concepts of QUALITY, PLAYABILITY, and VALUE. As a player you deserve each of these when you purchase a musical instrument. Broadway Music offers a good selection of Ohana's finest models. The attention to detail and the quality of the workmanship is excellent and we are pleased to offer some of our most popular Ohana models in our online store.
kanileSimple designs, hand made craftsmanship, outstanding attention to detail and tone. Kanile'a are the best Hawaiian made ukuleles. It doesn't get much better than this.